We export to countries in close proximity to Spain, to North Africa and countries in North and South America. As manufacturers we can establish any modification or variation of our products, according to the needs of our customers.

What do we offer to our distributor customers?

We offer a wide range of misting products at a competitive price and the capacity to adapt them to the needs of each country and each client. We are manufacturers.

We have two main varieties of products, ones for low pressure requirements and the other for high pressure requirements.

The low pressure system is for the non commercial customer, but there are commercial clients who use these products for small installations and give them a variety of other uses. Our low pressure products of the Drip & Fresh brand, can be presented in two different ways.

1. With attractive packaging, barcodes and ready for sale in large gardening and housekeeping store chains. They come always with detailed instructions that can be easily understood by the end user.

2. Parts and accessories for bulk sale installers.

We can also manufacture the product with the customer’s brand.

For these varierty of products we seek importers who are related to wholesaling on a grander scale.

High Pressure Systems
Either as the main line of work or either as a complement for usual business, high pressure misting is an activity that requires the expertise of a professional

It is not uncommon to see sprinkler, HVAC, or pool installers, complementing their core business with this field.

Our client is the importer, stockist and installer.
We will consider and study any collaborative proposal.