Wine Cellars require a fixed temperature and humidity besides natural ventilation. Not all wineries can manage to have a good level of moisture throughout the year. Relative humidity in storage must be between 75 % and 85%. With less than 75% there is the risk of barrel drying and wine evaporation, while with more than 85% there is too much moisture and fungi can grow.

The benefits in economic terms that a good level of moisture in a cellar can provide are:

  • Reduction of wine loss by natural evaporation. It is estimated that losses can become greater than 6% of the volume stored in the barrels.
  • In consequence, this also reduces the labor that is needed to manage tank filling.
  • The production of higher quality wine by avoiding the increase of alcohol content by water evaporation.
  • It prevents barrel drying, maintaining them in an efficient state.

Our misting System D can solve all cellar humidity and temperature problems.